We are a robust team of professionals who have provided premium services, on countless occasions. Because we treat customers just the way we would wish to be treated somewhere else.

Rama Shankar Shaw
Mr. Rama Shankar Shaw — Founder

Our Story

Established in 2006, GLOBAL COMPUTERS & SERVICES has been taking into account all the wants of the clients. We here are a pack of experts who represents considerable authority in various spaces of sales of PC accessories and repair services. Our central command is in LILUAH, however, we have spread its foundations across east Bengal in regions of Bally and Dunlop as well.

The foundational pillars of the brand were laid by none other than Mr. Rama Shankar Shaw; who has industrial experience of more than two decades.

Meet Our Happy Custoomers

We have catered some remarkable assests in the name of our customers.

Global Computers & Services Customer Reviews

Mahesh Gourisaria

One of the best Computer services shops in Howrah, till now I have come across. Fully satisfied!!

Global Computers & Services Customer Reviews

Priyanka Dubey

My Laptop got repaired at the lowest price, in Liluah. I didn’t expect such a great service.

Global Computers & Services Customer Reviews

Rohan Mishra

Bought a new Laptop from Global Computers & Services, at the cheapest price in entire Howrah! Loved it.

Global Computers & Services Customer Reviews

Gurpreet Singh

My printer got damaged, and I got it repaired in the shop within 24 hours. Premium repairing services!!

When Our Number Speaks

Retail Partners
Happy Customers

What Our Retail Partners Say

I know Mr. Rama for almost a decade, and I have not seen any businessman like him in the entire district, especially in the computer industry. Would love to continue business with him.
Retail Partner 1
Shyam Bajaj
Mr. Rama is a good businessman. I know him for the past 8 years and he has a true capacity to grow business in any situation. Looking to continue my business with him.
Retail Partner 2
Komal Singhaniya
"Play by the rules, but be ferocious" might be the perfect quote for Mr. Rama. He is such a great person, his ability to adopt market changes without falling short of credit is just amazing.
Vivek Agarwal
I have never seen, such a great businessman like Mr. Rama. His way of looking at particular business problems and adopt new modules in a unique way is just amazing. Such a great man!!
Lokesh Jhunjhunwala