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  • Lg 18. 5 inch HD LED – 19m38a-b monitor (black)

Looking for the best performance, buy ‘LG 19M38A LED MONITOR’ from us, and become tension free for life. This monitor has an HDMI and VGA connector which is a very unique feature. Also, the product includes HDMI connecting cable. The monitor is ideal for home, office, CCTV Surveillance monitoring, etc. It also has VGA connect in case if the user wants to connect the monitor on VGA. The monitor also has VESA standard mounting feature, This monitor has various features like-

1) Color Weakness Mode – This mode helps the users with color weakness. Color revision algorithms are used to help those with color weakness who have difficulty distinguishing certain ranges of colors can view all the important content.
2) Flicker Safe.
3) My Display Presets: OnScreen Control allows you to modify your screen configuration with a few clicks without forcing physical buttons built-in monitor. My Display Presets offers customized picture mode for specific software. It has automatically applied to the picture mode you already preset. You don’t need to select the picture mode each time.
4) Reader Mode: Protect Your Eyes and View in Comfort Did you know that your eyes are affected by flickers on the monitor while you may not have seen them? Over time, working, gaming, and movie viewing can cause eye strain and fatigue. But, Flicker Safe and Reader Mode help maximize visual comfort by protecting your eyes from harmful blue light and reducing the flicker level to almost zero.
5) Split Screen: Customize Your Workspace for Multitasking Screen Split divides the display into multiple sections for different tasks by resizing the windows on the screen. Its advanced options have expanded to include 4 types of Picture-in-Picture(PIP) Mode among 14 options. With PIP Mode you can work on the main screen while watching a video in a smaller window floating on the screen.

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