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  • Sturdy tilt legs, spill-resistant design
  • Full-size F-keys & number pad
  • Sleek design, low profile keys

Searching for the best keyboards for your work? Look no more, Logitech Keyboard K120 will do your work. It is a better typing experience that’s built to last. You’ll enjoy a comfortable and quiet typing experience thanks to the low-profile keys that barely make a sound and standard layout with full-size F-keys and number pad.

With its thin profile, spill-resistant design, durable keys that can withstand up to 10 million keystrokes, and indicated, adjustable tilt legs, this sleek keyboard not only looks and feels good but’s also built to last. Setup is simple too. You just plug it into a USB port and start using it right out of the box. Bold, bright white characters make the keys easier to read.

Logitech Keyboard K120 comes with the high quality and reliability that’s made Logitech the global leader for keyboards and mice. Tested under limited conditions (maximum of 60 ml liquid spillage). Do not immerse the keyboard in liquid. Excludes number lock key.

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1 review for LOGITECH KEYBOARD K120

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