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  • Speed up your laptop with SSD performance and ruggedness, upgrades existing laptops by replacing client 2.5-inch HDDs with fast, rugged client SSDs
  • Provides up to 120GB capacity and supports SATA 6Gb/s interface
  • Delivers nearly 4× faster boot times and more than 2× faster application load times when compared to typical laptop HDDs
  • Significantly reduces the number of time end-users must wait before using their devices

The following are features of Seagate SSD 120 GB:-

  • The ultimate upgrade drives for road warriors, power users, executives, and gamers to work and play faster.
  • Over 30 years of compatibility and reliability HDD testing expertise optimized for SSDs.
  • Improved ruggedness upgrade for existing laptops that may be dropped while operating.

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1 review for SEAGATE SSD 120 GB

  1. Simran Goel

    Awesome SSD. My Computer got so fast that I have not imagined it.

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